Incline Vacation Rentals


Incline Vacations has a dedicated staff with a family friendly atmosphere.  All of our staff have lived in Incline Village Lake Tahoe for 12 or more years. We have raised our families in Incline Village and been an active part of the Incline Village Lake Tahoe Community. Most of our staff has worked together for over a decade and is intimately aware of the needs of Lake Tahoe Vacationers and Owners.  With attention to detail and an eagerness to please, Incline Vacation Rentals' team is the perfect fit for your North Lake Tahoe Rental and Real Estate services.

Ken Viel

Ken was born in Syracuse, New York and grew up in Orange, California...

Karen Viel

Karen grew up in Scottsdale, Arizona and later moved to Incline Village...

Chris Knopf

Property Manager
Chris Knopf has lived in Lake Tahoe with her family since 1995....

Tom Bassett

Tom Bassett has lived in Incline Village -Lake Tahoe with his wife...

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